WI 100th Anniversary Celebration - September 2015

Pillaton WI and guests at the celebration for WI's 100th Anniversary

Pillaton WI and guests at the celebration for WI's 100th Anniversary. Photo by John Wheeley.
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The Women’s Institute came into being 100 years ago. In order to celebrate this centenary, Pillaton WI held a tea party on Saturday, September 19th. It was a beautiful, sunny and warm end of summer afternoon.

Our guests for this event were Pillaton ex members and current members from Blunts, St Mellion and Botus Fleming WIs. All in all there were about 50 of us. We were so pleased to welcome Alice Warne, who was accompanied by her daughter-in-law, Jean, as Alice has been associated with our WI for longer than anyone else.

The invitation suggested that anyone who wished might like to dress in a costume from any era during this past century. Well of course WI ladies rose to this challenge. So we had amongst others, long dresses, a very jazzy 60s outfit, several skirts with bouffant petticoats, a land girl and of course lots of hats.

There was also another type of “rose” as the National WI had commissioned the development of a rose aptly called “Inspiration” – a creamy salmon colour I believe. Ann Henderson kindly donated one to us so were able to start our celebrations by planting this in the Village Hall garden, the honour of planting being carried out by Carole Hoskin. We then all sang Jerusalem. Did you hear us? I hope you did as it sounded wonderful. Hopefully the rose will flower next year so we will be able to see just what it looks like.

We then moved into the hall to enjoy a typical WI tea – sandwiches, sausage rolls, sausages and cake, cakes and more cakes! The centre piece of all of this was the figure 100 made of cup cakes each decorated with a chocolate square with one of the WI values inscribed on it. These and the chocolate decorations were made by Linda Mavin and looked lovely. (Great British Bake Off eat your heart out in relation to the skills of some of our members!). The “100” was then surrounded by another 100 cup cakes all in white and pink cases. These were made by other WI members and the overall effect was stunning.

Of course the level of noise in the hall was high with all the chat going on! Can you believe that? The hall looked very festive as it was decorated with the “village bunting”. Each table had a coloured table cloth and each had a 1970s milk bottle as a flower vase. These bottles were the ones that had brightly coloured adverts on them. Anyone remember these? On the stage there was an exhibition of old photos and memorabilia from each WI.

Overall it was a lovely sunny day with a very pleasant and friendly tea party. None of us will be around in 2115 for the 200th celebration so hopefully the photos from today may be carried forward as memorabilia for any events then but I bet they won’t have as much fun and laughter as we did!

Pam Lowther

Photographs of the WI 100th Anniversary Celebration

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