Pillaton WI Report - April 2015

Resolutions Meeting

Following the annual meeting in March we have the resolutions meeting in April. This is where we vote to agree or not with a topic identified by the national WI and that every WI from across the land has the opportunity to comment on and vote for or against. It is then passed upwards through a process to reach those that make policy decisions for the Country.

This year’s resolution was: "Failing to care – Assessment of need in the long term. We call on HM Government to remove the distinction between nursing care and social care."

Our WI after some discussion, voted unanimously to agree.

Following this we had a chance to see some of the items submitted as possible entries in the WI competition at the Royal Cornwall Show in June. As this year is the centenary of the WI the theme is very much “how it was then”. So the completion asks for a card, a piece of delicate knitting, a flower arrangement and a Victoria sponge all to be of top quality and to be arranged in a box. We decided that a colour scheme and how it all fits together needs to be agreed by a subcommittee. This will be done!

Don’t forget if you would like to join us you are very welcome, ladies that is. The second Monday of each month, 7.30pm. in Pillaton Village Hall.

Pam Lowther

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