Pillaton WI Report - March 2015

Annual Meeting

March is our annual meeting. This is when all the Officers are re-elected. How different this is from the country’s general election. Mr Cameron et al take note! Our process is very gentle and considerate and we always end up with a very good result. This year was no different as we re-elected Lesley Allibone as our President. (Thank you Lesley.)

At this meeting we do not have a speaker because of needing to do the “business”. Instead we had a quiz, a slightly different one in that we did this as individuals than in teams. At first it seemed simple but it was soon very evident that it was quite testing for our brains.

So, I’m going to give you the opportunity to see how much cleverer you are than the ladies of the WI. Oh I can hear you saying well that won’t be difficult but let’s see shall we?

Parts of the body

Name 12 different parts of the body that contain only three letters of the alphabet. No slang abbreviations or rudies! Sounds easy? Well there’s leg, arm and ............ no I’m not going to give you all the answers here, it’s now up to you!

How are you getting on?

(Answers at the bottom of the page.)

Pam Lowther

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Parts of the Body Answers

Eye, toe, leg, arm, hip, ear, gut, rib, gum, fat, lip, lid and any other answers people can think of!

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