Pillaton WI Report - July 2014

Red Cross

At our July meeting, the last before the summer break, Vincent and Brendon from the Red Cross came to talk to us about first aid. They emphasised that they are not paramedics but their role is to stop bad medical emergency situations from getting worse. They stressed that all of us as members of the general public too can do this in emergencies. Their message very much was that we can all help by doing a quick assessment, where possible make the situation safe, call 999 and just to be there for the person in distress.

Now I’ve just given their message in relatively few words. Vincent and Brendon however entertained us greatly with amusing stories and many first aid tips. Vincent was French so had a delightful French accent and Brendon was a lovely Cornishman. They made us laugh and they made us think whist giving their message. This all meant that it was one of those very enjoyable WI meetings.

So ladies who are reading this, if you are not a member of Pillaton WI how about joining us? We are a friendly bunch and meet on the second Monday of the month at 7.30 pm. in the Village Hall. Our September meeting will have happened by the time you read this. However October is our Harvest Festival where we each bring a plate of food to share. November is a craft evening, possibly with Christmas in mind and December our Christmas party with a “Shirley “ meal and of course Father Christmas.

Brendon and Vincent left us with the thought that in an emergency the hardest part for each of us may be making the decision to help and not to walk away possibly because we are scared of doing the wrong thing. They said don’t let our own emotions stop us helping someone in distress. A few words or a held hand might make all the difference to an injured person or to their family afterwards. How right they were.

Pam Lowther

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