Pillaton WI Report - March 2014

Annual Meeting

Traditionally the WI meeting in March is the Annual Meeting where the past year is reviewed and the forthcoming year considered. It is also the meeting where the committee and officers are re-elected.

The run up to this year had been a bit nail biting as the President Liz LLewellyn-Jones, the Treasurer Sue Archer and all the committee bar one, had decided to retire. The lonely person remaining was Carole Hoskins. Now wonderful though Carole is she couldn’t be asked to be President, Vice President, Treasure, Secretary and hold office as a committee member all by herself! So as the weeks ticked by and the annual meeting was getting closer it began to look as if the Pillaton WI might have to close. However in true trooper style people gradually began to offer their services and a list of potential committee members emerged. This was to everyone’s relief and delight.

The first part of the meeting allowed Liz to give her report highlighting events that had happened through the year. She also thanked everyone for their hard work and contributions. Sue as Treasurer gave an account of the financial situation and asked for the accounts to be adopted.

We then moved on to the process of electing the committee and we had to do this correctly as there was a WI Advisor present! The first round of voting was to elect the committee with the result being that Lesley Allibone, Janet Willcocks, Alison Downing, Ann Henderson, Carole Hoskins and Linda Mavin were duly elected. The next round was to find a President from the committee. In order to do this each WI member was asked to write on a slip of paper the person that they would like to nominate for President. These were then collated and those named were then asked (not in public!) if they were willing to stand. Those willing were named to the floor and then everyone was asked to vote for President. The outcome being that Lesley was elected for 2014 – 15. A very good choice I believe.

Finally thanks were given to the outgoing committee. Liz for her presidency for three years, Sue for being in charge of all the money for lots of years, Jo for organising the programme for several years and to Jan and Heather for their support as committee members.

Following this WI members were able to go home knowing that Pillaton WI is in safe hands for another year.

Pam Lowther

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