Pillaton WI Report - November 2011

They say that beauty is “only skin deep”, but I’m sure most of us look in the mirror and hope to see an attractive face looking back. We all know there is no real remedy for ridding ourselves of wrinkles, whatever the ads may tell us, but it’s still nice to learn some of the tricks of the trade and find out how to make the most of what we’ve got! Which is exactly what our guest speaker at the November meeting, local beauty therapist Tina Hamilton showed us.

Working on Pillaton WI member Heather, who volunteered to be the model for the evening, Tina demonstrated a number of techniques we can all practise as part of our everyday cleansing and make up routines. Do you need to keep to a budget? No need to splash out on expensive products, according to Tina, just buy your cleansers and make up from the supermarket. Her top tips included advice on using a foundation brush to give a better finish; match the tint of the foundation to your neck colour; brush over with powder if you want to keep the look all day; sculpt cheekbones with brushes and blusher – and I always thought television presenters and actresses were just born lucky with beautifully defined cheekbones!

Moving on to the eyes, Tina suggested using an all over light colour as a base and blending darker colours for emphasis, while for eyeliner she opts for pencil as the easiest to use, working with short strokes. Mascara next – remember spitting on yours as a teenager and then working it to a paste with the little brush before applying it? No more of that – everything these days is far more hygienic if not such fun.

A bit of pain next, as Tina stated firmly that plucking your eyebrows is the cheapest face lift you can get – and Heather staunchly said she didn’t feel a thing, but I’m not sure whether to believe her.

Last, on to the lips, and Tina suggested a natural look is better than a red vamp, so try to match the colour on the inside of your lower lip. Apply by outlining with a lip pencil and then using lip gloss in the centre.

We agreed that Heather looked lovely after her makeover – not, of course, to say she doesn’t always look lovely – so Pillaton gentleman can expect to see some lovely ladies walking about the village in future.

The business meeting covered lots of diary dates from both the County News and for our local community. Some to note are the proposed village meeting in January to continue plans for celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee in Pillaton; and the forthcoming Gershwin Day on March 30, which members can sign up for at the next meeting.

Talking of the next meeting, that will be on December 12 when we will enjoy our Christmas party with a meal cooked by Shirley Floyd, Christmas crackers and gifts from Secret Santa. Can’t wait – see you there.

Pillaton WI is a friendly group and welcomes new members. Come along and meet us! If you would like to know more about Pillaton WI, please contact me on 351289.

Ann Henderson

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