Pillaton WI Report - October 2011

Harvest Celebration

Ann Henderson usually writes this report. However at this time Ann and Alison Downing are enjoying themselves on a trip to China. So Ann asked me if I would try and step into her shoes for this month.

Before I start, I gather that Alison is going down a storm in China with all, well lots anyway of Chinese wanting to have their photos taken with her as, according to Ann, she epitomises English ladies. For myself I think it is due to her fame from having been in the latest film of Alice in Wonderland!

However back to the WI. Our October meeting is traditionally our harvest celebration, which of course means a party! I‘ve said before that we do parties well in Pillaton and this evening was no exception. Before I tempt you all with some idea of what fare was on offer, I must make mention of the important business section of our meeting. This month some of the items on our agenda were the forthcoming collection for Operation Sunshine (and please see more about this on both the website and in the village news), unscrambling of a suggested plea to the Government regarding sexualisation of young children and the meeting next spring where we will have entertainment from the Larrick Lads and when several other WIs will come to join us. The last item on our agenda was guess what - another party, our Christmas party!

So with thoughts of Christmas floating around we tucked into our harvest supper. For this each of us brings a plate of something so the variety is huge. This time we had such things as peri peri chicken fillets, mini kebabs, scotch eggs, vegetable pizza, prawns and smoked salmon and lots of interesting and varied salads. Dessert included several flans and pies including a treacle tart. (Jenny Francis made this and she is famous for her treacle tarts!) The meal was accompanied by lots of chat and laughter so all in all, I hope the other members would agree with me that we had a very pleasant time.

Our next meeting will be on Nov 14th with the topic being Beauty Therapy. So, if you would like to come and join us we start at 7.30 and would be very pleased to welcome you.

Pam Lowther

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