Pillaton WI Report - September 2011

Glass Craft

If, like me, you are enchanted by the effect of light shining on coloured glass, you would have loved Mandy Copson’s “show and tell” presentation that Pillaton WI members enjoyed at their September meeting.

Standing in at the last minute for the scheduled speaker, whose topic would have been “Willow Work”, Mandy gave us a potted history of how she got started in working with glass, and in particular, fused or “Dichroic” glass craft.

Spread on the table in front of her were samples of current projects, and her talk demonstrated the techniques, sometimes virtually unchanged since medieval times, used to create pieces of art in glass. We loved the window she has designed for St Mellion School, working with the children to incorporate themes based on subject disciplines such as maths and reading.

Trained as a schoolteacher, she combines her skills as a craftsperson and artist with those as a teacher to get the best from the children.

I have often seen glass “light catchers” on sale in craft galleries. Mandy made one in front of our very eyes, in the shape of a yacht, cutting out the little sails and the hull (joking about the importance of not cutting fingers, but oops! She did!) and showing us how she fuses the pieces together with metallic sellotape and solder.

The Dichroic glass work is quite complex, needing a special type of glass made in Oregon and needing to be fused in a kiln. She demonstrated the techniques for creating bowls, coasters and her trademark jewellery, again with many sample pieces on display for us to enjoy or even purchase if we wished.

Finally, Mandy told us that she also offers workshops for adults in her studio, an opportunity some of our members were keen to take up.

The business meeting brought us up to date after the summer recess and highlighted various items from both the County News and also of local community importance.

Matters to note included the WI Garden Party at Port Eliot this coming weekend, the rise in WI subscriptions for 2012, the Annual Council Meeting on 19 October and the Agatha Christie day on 14 November.

Locally, we are reminded that the village skittles league starts on 13 October and players are needed for the WI team. A further village wide collection for Operation Sunshine will be on 29 October and volunteers to help take in donations will be needed. Member Jackie Moss has kindly invited WI ladies to come along on 1 October for coffee and a chance to visit their recently installed Solar Energy farm.

Our next meeting will be on 10 October and will, as in previous years, be a social evening in the form of a “bring and share” supper.

Pillaton WI is a friendly group and welcomes new members. Come along and meet us! If you would like to know more about Pillaton WI, please contact me on 351289.

Ann Henderson

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