Pillaton WI Report - February 2011

Pottery Workshop

Pottery Workshop photos by Pam Lowther

Pillaton WI Pottery Workshop (1)


Pillaton WI Pottery Workshop (2)


Pillaton WI Pottery Workshop (3)


Pillaton WI Pottery Workshop (4)


A cheeky character took shape in front of our eyes as guest speaker, potter Rob Fierek, started off our February meeting’s pottery workshop with a quick demonstration of his craft. Skilfully rolling the malleable clay between his hands, Rob assembled the body parts – a ball for the head, eyes made of different, whiter clay, a carrot shape for the body, a tapered sausage shape for arms and a fatter sausage for legs. This little guy even had clothes, as Rob pinched out the base of the body to create the appearance of a flared jacket and flattened a circle of clay to make a floppy hat.

And there he sat – looking up at the sky with a grin fashioned by the stroke of a sharp stick, holding on to his hat with one hand!

While he worked, Rob chatted about his career, telling us how he had escaped the classroom for the pottery and explaining about the techniques of modelling with clay. Our little man was possibly the half millionth figure he has created since setting up his workshop in Albaston in the mid 1970s, but to our eyes he was unique.

Then it was our turn to have a go and Rob set us the task of creating teddy bears. Again, he gave a quick demonstration of how to make the body parts, this time shorter and fatter to create the bear shape, with snout, ears and paws to finish the look.

We got rolling. The clay felt cold and wet and soon our hands took on a death like grey appearance! The bears we created looked like victims of some science fiction experiment and certainly nothing like the traditional cuddly image of a much loved teddy. How could Rob have made it look so easy? Still, we all agreed it had been fun and rather like being back at playschool.

The business meeting included some important reminders. Subscriptions for the coming year are due by the end of March and should be paid to our Treasurer, Sue Archer, please. The meal to celebrate the birthday of Pillaton WI will be in the Village Hall on 19 March and again, members should pay Sue as soon as possible. There will be a raffle at the meal in support of ShelterBox.

Other dates for your diaries include the charity collection for Operation Sunshine in Pillaton Village Hall on 18 March and events detailed in County News – Speakers’ Auditions Day on 11 April and Spring Countdown on 19 April.

Our next meeting will be the Annual Meeting on 14 March, when we will welcome a County Advisor to take us through the process of forming a new committee for the coming year.

Pillaton WI is a friendly group and welcomes new members, so if you would like to come along to see what we do, please join us in Pillaton Village Hall. We meet at 7.30 pm on the second Monday of each month. If you would like to know more about Pillaton WI, please contact me on 351289.

Ann Henderson

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