Pillaton Village News, the Local Magazine

Note:You should have no difficulty displaying or printing the Village News from the links here, but if do you run into problems, make sure you have the Adobe Reader software installed to handle the PDF files used. Check out the Adobe web site for the appropriate version for your computer and operating system.

Cover of the Village News magazine

Copies of the Pillaton Village News will be added here when they are published and can be downloaded as PDF files for viewing or printing.

If there is sufficient interest, we will try and scan in some older copies of the Village News and add them here so you can wallow in nostalgia. A taster from July 1998, provided by Chris Ley, is attached below so you can see what was happening 'last century'! - thanks Chris.

Take heed if you are on a slow or restricted internet connection as these Village News files can be quite large (up to ca 5Mb) and may take some time to download.

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Village News Copy and Distribution Dates

199 7 Jan 25 Jan 2019
200 4 Mar 22 Mar 2019
201 7 May 24 May 2019
202 8 Jul 26 Jul 2019
203 9 Sep 27 Sep 2019
204 4 Nov 22 Nov 2019

As the Village News is produced and distributed by volunteers, the distribution date is only a guideline, but it will usually be available the week before.

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