Pillaton from the Air (1972)

Click on the image above to see a larger version (ca 2.3MB).

An aerial photograph of the village dating from August 1972. We are indebted to Richard and Maire Warwick for sharing this with us.

Spot the differences from more than forty years ago - these include:

  • Development in Barton Meadows has just started.
  • A scattering of farm buildings can still be seen around the village. These mostly no longer exist and were a legacy from the days when Pillaton was largely an agricultural community.
  • The Row has since been extended with additional housing.
  • There are one or two fields that have since been built on.
  • The telephone box (now the village library) is in its earlier location at the cross roads (roughly where the postbox now is).
  • There are only a handful of vehicles!
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