Pillaton Coronation Cricket Match (1953)

Many thanks to Dave Joslin, former village resident during the 1950s, who emailed the above photograph taken at the Coronation cricket match (1953) between the women and the men of the village (click on the above photo for a larger image). He comments:

"One of my activities was the scorer for the cricket team and Roy Warne was the wicket keeper. . . . the photos may jog some memories as I have a job to identify those in the 1953 Coronation cricket match. My mother was one of the women and the only ones I can recognise now are Laurence Pearce, Don Irwin and Roy Warne."

Joyce Moore and Roy Warne (both in the photo) have now seen it and filled in the missing names. Many thanks to both of them for doing this. (NB. One or two names brought about some disagreement between Joyce, Roy and Dave so if anyone feels strongly that a name below is wrong or spelt incorrectly, we would love to hear from you via the "Contact Us" link at the foot of the page.)

Back row (left to right): Doris Newcombe, Florence Joslin, Sheila Doney, Jennifer Renfree, Christine Gosling, Ros Treadwell, Jean Langmaid, June Veal, Molly Renfree, Vonny Jope, Joyce Moore.

Middle row (left to right): Les Childs, Don Irwin, Eric Moore, Sam Peters, Horace Pearce.

Front row (left to right): Roy Warne, Norman Searle, Peter Gosling, Jim Renfree.

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