Pillaton's Boundary Change, 1894

Although there have been some slight changes to the parish boundaries over the years, the one that came into force at the end of 1894 was perhaps the most significant for which we have details.

James Venning (in Historical Notices . . . of Twenty Parishes in East Cornwall, 1934) wrote of Pillaton parish :-

"This parish had the unusual privilege of its area being enlarged when the Parish Councils' Act came into force some years ago, by having added to it the detached portion formerly belonging to St. Stephens-by-Saltash, which is situated between the parishes of Landrake and Botusfleming and adjoining this parish. An Application was made by the parishioners through the local councils, and ultimately they obtained an order from the Local Government Board sanctioning this annexation of territory, notwithstanding great opposition from the parish of St. Stephens, on 19th November, 1894. This increased the area of the parish by 481 acres."

The main properties affected by this change were the lands of Bush, Howton and Kernock. Some former residents of these properties are commemorated by gravestones in Pillaton churchyard so it would appear that they had a stronger allegience to Pillaton than St. Stephens, even if it stemmed from the purely practical reason of being much closer.

Pillaton area showing boundary change of 1894

The yellow dots show the former part of St. Stephens by Saltash transferred in 1894.
The red dots depict the current Pillaton parish boundary.

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