Pillaton Parish Council Meeting Minutes -
January 2018

Meeting held on 02/01/2018


Cllrs. Dolley, Harris, Martin, D. Floyd, S. Floyd, Bridgman, Warne and County Councillor J. Foot.



Declarations of Interest


Public Forum

There were 4 members of the public present.

In respect of the planning application for the barn conversion at Polborder the agent for the applicants defended the application giving reasons in support.


The Minutes of 5th December 2017 Council meeting were accepted unanimously.

Matters Arising


Play Park

The Council noted that the quotation for repairs to the play park equipment was for £893. The Chairman explained that he had met with the Contractor and been assured the repairs were not urgent. Accordingly the Council decided to delay placing an order for the work to be carried out in the hope that County Councillor J. Foot could assist with finance through his Community Chest fund.

Planning Permission

PA17/11484 The council rejected the planning application on the same grounds that they had rejected a previous identical application, namely the building had not been used as a barn for more than 10 years. Moreover the application was for two dwellings.

Thanks were given to Cllr Martin for accessing the applications for study.


There were no payments.

Any Other Business

The Chairman recorded thanks to Mr. Phil Ruby who cut the hedge at the playing field at no cost saying that was his contribution to the playing field.

Chairman Mr. Dolley
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