Pillaton Parish Council Meeting Minutes -
November 2017

Meeting held on 07/11/2017


Cllrs. Dolley, Harris, Martin, D. Floyd, Warne, S. Floyd and Bridgman.


County Councillor J. Foot.

Declarations of Interest

Cllr Bridgman declared a pecuniary interest in the payment of the finger post repair and Cllrs D. and S. Floyd declared an interest in the planning application at Bove Orchard and left the meeting during the discussion.

Public Forum

There were 14 members of the public present.

Thanks were given to the Council for their efforts in securing improved access to the public footpath at Polborder.

In respect of the planning application at 2 Briars Ryn concern was expressed from the floor regarding the width of the road access to the site and complications regarding a right of way at the site. It was noted that the limited size of the proposed development did not necessitate affordable housing.


The Minutes of 3rd October 2017 Council meeting were accepted unanimously.

Matters Arising


Planning Permission

PA17/09342 After rejecting a proposal for a limit of one additional house at 2 Briars Ryn the Council approved the construction of two houses as infill on the basis that the Council’s objections regarding access and right of way had been overcome.

PA17/09528 The Council approved the application for Bove Orchard to improve the appearance of the building.

Thanks were given to Cllr Martin for accessing the applications for study.

Letter of Complaint Regarding Finger Post

The Council agreed a response to the letter of complaint regarding refurbishing of the finger post in the centre of Pillaton.


The following payment was approved; £850 for refurbishing the finger post in the centre of Pillaton and repairing the post at Polborder.

The Council agreed a precept of £3,855 for the year ending 31st March 2019.

Any Other Business

The Chairman stated that the recent damage to Clapper bridge had been reported to Cornwall Council.

Chairman Mr. Dolley
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