Pillaton Parish Council Meeting Minutes -
June 2017

Meeting held on 06/06/2017


Cllrs. Dolley, Harris, D. Floyd, Warne, S. Floyd, Martin and County Councillor J. Foot.




Mr G. Bridgman was unanimously co-opted as a Councillor.

Declarations of Interest

Cllrs Dolley, Martin and S. Floyd declared an interest in the transfer the deeds of Pillaton Village Hall to the Pillaton Village Hall CIO.

Public Forum

There was one member of the public present.


The Minutes of 16th May 2017 Council meetings were accepted unanimously.

Matters Arising

As custodian trustees of the Pillaton Village Hall defined in the Declaration of trust deed dated 18th January 1982, the Council formally approved the transfer of Pillaton Village Hall ownership to the Pillaton Village Hall CIO. Cllr Roger Warne and Cllr Andrew Harris were authorised to act as signatories to bind the Council and give effect to the transfer.

The Chairman reported that he and County Councillor J. Foot had inspected Mushton Lane and that County Councillor J. Foot would raise the lack of repair with Cornwall Council highways.

It was resolved that the grant funds for refurbishment of the finger posts in the Parish should be directed to the finger post in Pillaton village and that volunteers would refurbish the post at Ellbridge.

Planning Permission



The following payment was approved; £260 for rental of Pillaton village hall.

It was noted that Mr D. King had audited the Council accounts for no charge.

Play Park Inspections

Cllr Martin kindly volunteered to paint the train and Cllr Warne kindly volunteered to repair any rotten wood in the play equipment.

Any Other Business

The repair to the roads was noted.

Chairman Mr. Dolley
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