Pillaton Parish Council Meeting Minutes - January 2015

Meeting held on 21/01/2015


Cllrs. Dolley, Martin , Heap , Harris, D. Floyd, S. Floyd and Warne.


County Councillor D. Pugh.

Declarations of Interest

Cllr Warne declared an interest in the planning application for Stonivan.

Public Forum

There were no members of the public present.


The Minutes of 10th December 2014 Council meeting were accepted unanimously.

Matters Arising


Planning Permission

The Council approved the following applications; a two storey extension to the rear of Stonivan and the erection of Poly tunnels on land at Kernock Hill.


The Bank position of current account £656 and deposit £1,833 was noted.

The Council approved payment of £20 to Mr A. Bridgman for hedge cutting at the playing field.

Any Other Business

The Clerk reported that Mr Edwards had kindly made a temporary repair to the damaged door at the well at the Old Post Office and had promised to build a fixed structure should County Highways fail to take action.

Thanks were recorded to Cllr D. Floyd for his efforts in ensuring that the milestone at Pillaton Mill was replaced.

The Clerk was asked to report damage to the roads caused by water at Darky Lane and Tiddlers well.

Chairman Mr. Dolley
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