Pillaton Parish Council Meeting Minutes - November 2014

Meeting held on 19/11/2014


Cllrs. Dolley, Martin , D. Floyd, S. Floyd and Warne.


Cllrs. Heap , Harris and County Councillor D. Pugh.

Declarations of Interest


Public Forum

There were three members of the public present.

The PCSO was happy to report there were no significant matters recorded for the period in Pillaton.


The Minutes of 22nd October 2014 Council meeting were accepted unanimously.

Matters Arising


Planning Permission

The Council unanimously approved the planning application for an extension to the existing bungalow at Kernock Park.


The Bank position of current account £266 and deposit £2,833 was noted.

The Council approved payment of £450 to Mr G. Moore for grass cutting at the playing field.

Commonwealth Day

The Council decided to put the letter suggesting that, by flying a Commonwealth flag, the Parish celebrate Commonwealth Day on the web site and invite comment.

Any Other Business

The Chairman reported back from the local cluster meeting at which concern had been raised about vehicles accessing the main road following the construction of new homes in the area.

The poor state of the road at Tiddlers Well and the regular damage caused to Clapper Bridge was commented on and the local MP’s representative urged the Council to address their concerns to Sheryl Murray’s office.

It was hoped that the hedge at the entrance to the Village could be trimmed.

Chairman Mr. Dolley
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