Pillaton Parish Council Meeting Minutes - January 2012

Meeting held on 11/01/2012


Cllrs. Dolley, Hoskin, D. Floyd, S. Floyd, Martin, and Harris.


Cllr Edwards and District Councillor Egglestone.

Declarations of Interest

Cllr Hoskin declared a prejudicial interest in the planning application.

Public Forum

There was one member of the public present.


The Minutes of 19th December 2011 meeting were accepted unanimously.

Matters Arising

The Chairman reported that there had been no progress regarding the resurfacing of the entrance area to the Hall.

New Notice Board

The Council selected two notice boards, one for the Parish and one to display the village map.

Planning Permission

Cllr Hoskin left the meeting.
The Council supported the transfer of an existing shed to the field adjacent to The Boundary.


The Bank position of Current account £4,179 and deposit account £2,503 was noted.

Any Other Business


Chairman Mr. Dolley
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