Pillaton Parish Council Meeting Minutes - June 2011

Meeting held on 14/06/2011


Cllrs. Dolley, Hoskin, Edwards, D. Floyd, S. Floyd, Martin and Harris.

Police Visit

The PCSO stated that there had been no crimes in the Parish but warned about the danger arising from door to door callers.

Election of Officers

Cllr Dolley and Cllr Harris were unanimously elected as Chair and Vice Chair.


District Councillor Egglestone.

Declarations of Interest


Public Forum

There was no member of the public present.


The Minutes of 18th May 2011 meeting were accepted unanimously.

Matters Arising

The Chairman outlined the progress for the improvements to the Hall and play park and would ask the Consultants if funds could be used for the extension of the fence at the top of the field.

Cllr Martin agreed to discover the cost of installing poles for the fence.

Highways had written stating that repairs to Mary Moon Close road surface were the responsibility of Cornwall Housing. The Clerk was asked to enquire into the matter.

Cllr Harris is continuing to enquire at the Cluster meeting the possibility of grants for Diamond Jubilee commemorative gifts.

The refilling of the original salt bins was awaited.

Highway Improvements

Cornwall Highways had informed the Parish council that;

  • The installation of ribbed lines to slow traffic was imminent.
  • The Parish Council could ask for materials to repaint the finger posts.
  • There were no funds to repair Mushton Lane and no usage statistics had been provided.

Accordingly the Clerk was asked to; request materials to repaint the finger posts (and ask if payment was made): enquire into the apparent unauthorised closure of Mushton Lane and to point out the dangerous state of the Lane.

An unsuitable for heavy vehicles sign was requested for the narrow lane passing Kernock to Pillaton.

Planning Permission

The Council approved the following applications;

  • Change of use from agricultural land to burial ground at Pillaton Church.
  • The installation of heat pumps at Kernock House.


The Bank position of Current account £76 and deposit account £3,554 was noted.

The following payment was approved;

  • MOR consultancy fee £600(via a grant).

Any Other Business

The Council agreed to ask about affordable housing in the area.

Chairman Mr. Dolley
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