Pillaton Parish Council Meeting Minutes - November 2010

Meeting held on 17/11/2010


Cllrs. Dolley, Hoskin, S. Floyd, Edwards, Martin, D. Floyd and Harris.


District Councillor Egglestone.

Declarations of Interest


Public Forum

The PCO reported that there had been no crimes in the parish since his last visit.


The Minutes of 20th October 2010 meeting were accepted unanimously.

Matters Arising

The Chairman reported that planning permission had been granted regarding the hedge at Kernock corner and that he had arranged for the work at to go ahead.

The Clerk reported that Tesco had explained that there was no free bus run to outlying villages and that only those on the already established service were included.

Cllr Hoskin informed the Council that the Duchy College had agreed to collect Miss Bridgman at the Polborder roundabout as opposed to Hatt.

Parish Plan Review

Cllr Edwards kindly offered to summarize the Parish Plan review comments and have them incorporated in the Parish Plan. Cllr Harris volunteered to prepare a list of walks in the area. The Council would investigate the Parish Plan review comments and consider further implementation.

Community Area Network Meetings

Cllrs Harris and Hoskin gave feed back on the meetings and undertook to raise the possibility of a community bus for the district.


The Bank position of Current account £170 and deposit account £4,627 was noted.

The Council approved payment of £450 for grass cutting for the year.

The Council approved a precept of £3,120 for the year 2011 to 2012.

Any Other Business


Chairman Mr. Dolley
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