Pillaton Parish Council Meeting Minutes - October 2010

Meeting held on 20/10/2010


Cllrs. Dolley, Hoskin, S. Floyd, Edwards, Martin, D. Floyd, Harris and District Councillor Egglestone.



Declarations of Interest

Cllr. Edwards declared a prejudicial interest in the planning application regarding the hay barn.

Public Forum

Two members of the public and the PCO were present. The Police report indicated that there had been no crimes in the parish since the last case of vandalism for which persons were being prosecuted.


The Minutes of 15th September 2010 meeting were accepted unanimously.

Matters Arising

Julie M’Hand outlined the proposed community garden for which grants were sought. The proposal was accepted in broad outline by 3 votes to 2 with one abstention.

Roy Millward had written agreeing to a further height reduction of the branches at the edge of the field and Cllr. Martin confirmed that he would request the contractor to install the fence at no cost to the village.

District Councillor Egglestone undertook offer to contact Cornwall Council regarding the condition of Mushton Lane.

The Chairman reported that he had arranged for the work at Kernock corner to go ahead subject to no objection to the already submitted planning application.

Cllr. Edwards provided a list of the Parish Plan comments arising from the Parish Plan review day. The Clerk was asked to repeat the request Tesco to include Pillaton in their free bus run.

Cllr. Hoskin volunteered to contact the Duchy College regarding the collection of Miss Bridgman at St Mellion bus stop as opposed to her having to travel to Hatt on her way to the College.

Salt Bins

The Council agreed to order a new salt bin for the top of the village and order refills for the existing bins.


The Council supported an application for removal of the condition requiring cables to be underground at Tremoan Barn.

Cllr. Edwards left the room. The Council supported an application for retention of a hay store at Pillaton Glebe. Cllr. Edwards returned.

Federation of Schools

Cllr Hoskin kindly agreed to complete the questionnaire in favour of the proposed federation.

Community Area Network Meetings

Cllrs Harris and Hoskin gave feed back on the meetings questioning why the bus to Saltash could not be routed through Pillaton for students.


The Council reviewed the proposed precept and requested amendments for approval at the November meeting.

The Bank position of Current account £170 and deposit account £4,627 was noted.

The Council approved payments of £74 for village hall hire and £411.25 for the garden consultant subject to receipt of matching funds from the Playground project.

Any Other Business

It was requested that volunteers empty the bin in the playing field.

Cllrs. Dolley and Harris said that they had tightened the cable for the zip wire.

Chairman Mr. Dolley
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