Pillaton Parish Council Meeting Minutes - September 2010

Meeting held on 15/9/2010


Cllrs. Dolley, Hoskin, S. Floyd, Edwards, Martin and D. Floyd.


Cllr. Harris and District Councillor Egglestone.

Declarations of Interest


Public Forum

No members of the public were present.


The Minutes of 21st July 2010 meeting were accepted unanimously.

Matters Arising

The Clerk was asked to contact Roy Millward regarding the height of the branches at the edge of the field.

Thanks were recorded to John Wheeley for producing a web site for the Parish under the auspices of the Parish Council.

It was noted that District Councillor Egglestone’s offer to assist with the repair to Mushton lane through her member’s budget was not possible. The Parish Council determined to contact Cornwall Council pointing out that the safe passage had not been maintained.

The Chairman reported that he had submitted a hedge row alteration notice for the hedge at Kernock junction to improve visibility. Thanks were recorded to Cllr Martin for preparing the relevant maps.

The Council decided to request unsuitable for HGV signs at Kernock lane and it was agreed that the ribbed warning lines should be installed just before the 30 MPH signs at the entrance to the Village.

Cllr Edwards undertook to update the Parish Plan with the comments arising from the Parish Plan review day. The Clerk was asked to request Tesco to include Pillaton in their free bus run.

Salt Bins

The Council delayed the ordering of salt bin refills until full details had been received from Cornwall Council. Cllr Martin offered to investigate the cost of suitable bins.


No written planning application had been received. The Clerk was asked to request hard copies of plans from Cornwall Council.

Federation of Schools

In the absence of Pillaton Council being on the list of consultees the Council agreed not to respond formally.

Lottery Application

The Council approved a letter of support for the lottery application being submitted by Julie M’Hand.


The Bank position of Current account £204 and deposit account £3,481 was noted.

The Council approved payment of £14 for a Remembrance Day wreath.

Any Other Business

The Council approved a letter of support for the collection of Miss Bridgman at Polborder as opposed to her having to travel to Hatt on her way to the Duchy College.

Chairman Mr. Dolley
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