Pillaton Parish Council Meeting Minutes - April 2010

Meeting held on 21/4/2010


Cllrs. Dolley (Chairman), Hoskin, Edwards, Martin, D. Floyd, S. Floyd, District Councillor Egglestone


Cllr. Harris

Declarations of Interest



The Minutes of 17th March 2010 meeting were accepted unanimously.

Public Forum

Bob Yates the Community Policeman happily had no crimes to report but recognised that speeding in the villages was a problem.

There were no members of the public present.

Matters Arising

The Chairman stated that the Cornwall officer had undertaken to visit Mr. Millward and for the dog bin be put back to its original position.

It was reported that the Council working party to reseed and smooth out damaged ground in the playing field had been well attended and successful.

The Chairman had visited the stile at Polborder and the Clerk was tasked with reporting that the stile was unsatisfactory.

It was noted that no specific grants were available for graveyard extensions and it was agreed that the Parochial Church Council be so informed and told it was their responsibility.

Cllr. Hoskin gave feedback on the Cluster meetings and the major issues to be raised at the next meeting were decided upon.

Parish Plan

It was agreed that a Parish Plan review event would be held in the Village Hall between 10 am. and 12 noon on a Saturday morning in the summer with the event being advertised in the magazine.


The Council accepted the accounts and annual return for 2009/10 subject to audit.

The Council approved payments of £39.50 grass seed, £293.75 tractor hire, £90 turf and £77.04 Clerks expenses.

Any Other Business

District Councillor Egglestone undertook to inquire into the possibility of children being picked up by the school bus at Polborder.

The Clerk was asked to see if the overhanging trees at the edge of the playing field posed a safety problem.

Chairman Mr. Dolley
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