Parish Council Information

The local council meets regularly once a month to discuss and action matters of concern to the village and neighbourhood. Meeting dates, agendas, minutes and other items can be found below.

Pillaton Parish Councillors

  • David Dolley (Chairman)
  • Andrew Harris (Vice Chairman)
  • Richard Woodley (Clerk)
  • Gary Bridgman
  • Shirley Floyd
  • David Floyd
  • Gary Martin
  • Roger Warne

Council Meeting Dates

As from December 2015, meetings will be held in the Village Hall on the first Tuesday of the month bar August, and start at 7.00 pm. (Note: Prior to December 2015, meetings were held on the third Wednesday of the month.)

Council Meeting Agendas

To see the agenda for a Council Meeting, click on the appropriate link below. If a date is shown without a link then either there was no meeting (typically Aug) or the agenda for that meeting is not available on the website.

2010 Agendas

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2011 Agendas

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2018 Agendas

Council Meeting Minutes

To view the minutes of a Council Meeting, click on the relevant link below. A date shown without a link indicates that the minutes for that meeting are not available on the website. (Note: there is usually no meeting in August.)

2010 Minutes

2011 Minutes

2012 Minutes

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Other Council Items

Notice of Vacancy in Office of Parish Councillor, July 2012

Pillaton Council Vacancy Co-option Notice, August 2012

Pillaton Council Youth Council Notice, October 2012

Pillaton Parish Council Planning Meeting, 6th November 2012

Pillaton Parish Council Election Notice, 11th March 2013

Two items of note arising from the Council Meeting held on 19 June 2013. The main one concerns the fencing that has appeared alongside the road leading to Clapper Bridge.

Notice of input to new Neighbourhood Plan, 7th December 2013

Notice of Plan to Move Goal Posts in Playing Field, 20th June 2014

Town Councils & 'Fly a Flag for the Commonwealth', 24th October 2014

Pillaton Parish Council Planning Meeting, 21st July 2016

Pillaton Parish Council Planning Meeting, 19th January 2017

Pillaton Parish Council 2018 Audit Report, 14th May 2018

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