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About the Parish

Map of the Parish of Pillaton Map of the Parish by Don King

PILLATON is a small parish of about 4.6 square miles (1,177 hectares) on the western edge of the Tamar Valley in South-East Cornwall. It is bounded by the parishes of St.Dominick and St. Mellion to the North, the River Lynher to the West, Botus Fleming to the South and Landulph to the East. The population of the Parish is around 500 with about 70% of the people living in Pillaton village itself.

Land use in the parish is dominated by farming, although only a small proportion of the resident workers are employed in this industry. The only large employer is Kernock Park Plants, a thriving specialist nursery with some 120 employees. Many parish residents have retired and most of those still working do so outside the parish, in Plymouth and South-East Cornwall.

Has it Changed?

Pillaton ... you might call it a typical Cornish village, and no more: but its centuries-old remoteness and self-sufficiency have given it a definite personality, and it is a rare example of a small community living in harmony and friendship in a beautiful countryside

This quote above was made back in the early 1950's when Pillaton was a village of 26 houses and about 80 inhabitants. Do you think it is still true?

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